Monday, July 20, 2009

The Kahanu Family

While we were in St. George, we went to the Honalulu Grill to visit with some old friends of Shane's from his mission. They are the Kahanu's from Hawaii. They are amazing people! They had a key hidden in their garage, just in case they weren't home and missionaries needed a place to cool down, get a drink, food, bathroom, whatever. As soon as you meet them - you're family. Shane ran into Auntie on one of his over nights a while back and has stayed in contact ever since. They moved to St. George about 6 years ago. So we went and visited with them while in St. George for the day. Plus, we got to enjoy some fabulous Hawaiian food! Great food! Great Company! What more can you ask for?! Thanks Uncle and Auntie!

Plane Ride!!

Believe it or not, this was the kids' first time on an airplane! We've attempted several times, but the kids have gotten sick or something has come up. This was our last chance for a while considering I'm 30 weeks. The kids loved their airplane ride!! The kids and I met up with Shane at the airport and joined him on his over night to St. George. The fun part was that he flew us down and back!

We sat by the back of the wing on the way down. The kids liked watching the flaps and looking down below. Riley fell asleep right after take-off on the way down and slept the whole time. Coming back we sat by the prop. Riley was fascinated with watching it and didn't want to sleep. So coming back was a little tougher fighting him to stay on my lap. But Kaylani loved that she got a snack and drink with her own little tray! She beamed the whole trip! Except when we landed. She wanted to stay in the air forever! I told her that no matter what we have to come down sooner or later. Then she got mad thinking that we were back in Salt Lake! She had a hard time understanding that we had left Salt Lake and were now in St. George, far from home!

She was thrilled when Daddy let her sit up front with all of the buttons!!

In St. George, she couldn't understand why we were driving someone else's car (the rental). She kept asking us if the person knew we had their car. We had to keep reassuring her that it was ok and that we had to pay them money to use it. She also loved the idea of the hotel. It was exciting for us to see how excited she was over every little thing. For Shane, I think a hotel is nothing more than a fancy prison with some freedoms where he gets to leave the next day.

The kids loved the pool!!

We went to a place called the Fiesta Fun Center. The kids had a ball playing on the toys and playing with the arcade area.

This was Riley's favorite game... "BALL, BALL!"

Go Kaylani, Go!!

Riley playing on the toys.

Kaylani's Spring Dance Recital

She looks so sweet and innocent here!

They did two dances. This is their tap dance to a song called, "You Know What." I loved watching them shuffle.

This was their ballet dance, "Cuddly Ducks." They were so cute as they waddled like ducks in a few parts.

Kaylani loves being on stage and knowing that people are looking at her!! She definitely likes to be the center of attention!
Nice job Kaylani!
Your Mom and Dad are so proud of you!!

Kaylani's Spring Soccer

"Which way are we going?" This was a common question!

Kaylani taking a break. It's hard work running up and down the field!

Kaylani is all about getting the chance to kick the ball. She doesn't care if she scores. She just wants to kick it. Too bad everyone else wants the same thing!

Look at that girl hussle!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Zoo Trip

We had a super time this past year using our season passes to Hogle Zoo. The kids had a blast watching the animals. Riley's favorite animals at the zoo are the monkeys. He could have watched them forever! Kaylani says she likes all of the animals. But was disappointed when she didn't see a lion (due to Hogle Zoo not having a lion). Dispite that, we love hanging out at the playground. Riley got a kick out of the turtle shell. Kaylani had a hay day running from one thing to the next. I thought she was going to get in a fight with another girl for playing on the alligator. Kaylani had claimed it as her friend and couldn't stand the idea of someone else even looking at it. How do you keep a three year old from claiming possession of everything she sees or touches!?!